Nola Therapeutic and Thai Massage

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“.... like a thousand gentle waves washing over the body.”
- Chongkol Setthakorn

Sandra offers a variety of massages including swedish, a therapeutic deep tissue and thai massage.  Swedish is a relaxing massage with long strokes that encourages circulation.  Deep tissue applies deep pressure for sustained time on a specific area and is often used to relieve "knots' in painful areas of the shoulder and neck.  This is very effective after minor injuries and helps reduce restrictions.   Great for "computer" neck!

Thai massage is both therapeutic and relaxing, almost meditative.  Thai increases the flexibility and health of joints and is
ideal for conditioning for high performance sports
where flexibility is important in preventing injury.   It can be described as a passive yoga session.  Rather than actively doing yoga, Thai massage is like having yoga done TO you.


During a thai session, acupressure is followed by a continuous flow of yoga positions pressing and rocking rhythmically to deepen each pose and alternating long gentle pulls to lengthen to open and lubricate joints.   The experience is one of surrender and relaxation and the effect is greater ease of movement and increased range of motion.

Treatments can be designed to treat specific problems. Thai is a gentle way to treat general stiffness, joint problems and conditions commonly experienced by athletes such as plantarfacsitis, sciatica and shin splints (see Benefits).



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